PFBF Half Marathon (Sunday, July 14)

pfbfKurt and I like to incorporate races into our Vacations. We were planning to go to Maine this summer, and Kurt was excited to find a half marathon near the small, rural Maine town where he grew up. So we signed up.

I’m supposed to be increasing my base mileage in preparation for fall marathon training, but because I’ve been running so many races (and for other reasons, too) my weekly mileage has not been building the way it should be. So, I decided to make the week leading up to the half marathon a higher-mileage week and just treat the race as a training run.

We stayed with Kurt’s parents at their camp in Canaan the night before the race. The Dunkin’ Donuts in Canaan opens at 5am on Sunday morning (4am every other day!) so I was able to get some iced coffee on the way to the race. Their slogan is “America Runs on Dunkin,'” which I think is hilarious, but in this case perfectly true.

IMG_20130714_070705_595There were only about 80 people running the half marathon, and a little more than twice that many running the 5k.

It was hot out. High 7o’s and humid at the start.

I quickly decided that even though I was supposed to be running this as a training run, I still wanted to run it pretty hard, because looking at last year’s times, I had a pretty good chance of placing. (Not Smart! Do as I say, people, not as I do!)

So when the gun went off, I settled in at a fast-ish pace.

It was hot.

The first several water stations had only water. The first Gatorade I saw was at mile 8, and by then I was already starting to fade.

By mile 10, I was walking. In a half marathon. WALKING!! Yikes.

People were passing me. One guy caught up to me and said that I’d been pacing him the whole way, and that I needed to keep running. I tried, but soon had to tell him to go on.

Just before mile 12, he started walking and I caught up to him. I told him he had to keep running, and he took off! I couldn’t keep up with him.

I finished in 2:04:10.

I was so over-heated that I had goosebumps. I grabbed a bottle of water and found Kurt lying in the shade. The heat had really gotten to him, too.

IMG_20130714_102854_963Showing off my medal.

In hindsight, I really wish I would have stuck to my original plan and just run easy. I think if I’d started at a 9 minute/mile pace I probably would have done better. Instead, I started too fast and completely crashed. I hope you learn from my mistakes!

pfbf elevationFinal Stats:
out of 11 in my age group
13th out of 42 women
41st out of 84 finishers

Kurt finished first in his age-group, so we stuck around for him to pick up his $25 cash prize.

IMG_20130714_105616_335Then we went and found a local lake to cool off in.

IMG_20130714_113841_655The heat really wiped me out. I couldn’t keep my eyes open waiting for lunch.

IMG_20130714_122904_659But rallied enough to tackle the 6-flavor adventure series ice cream sampler at Gifford’s.

IMG_20130714_130430_115Mount Katahdin Crunch and Campfire Smore’s were the best. In case you were wondering.

Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

5 thoughts on “PFBF Half Marathon (Sunday, July 14)”

  1. Good for you …wish I had known would have loved to have gone up and watched you guys race. Next time you are up in the NE let me know..
    You two are quite amazing..and have fun doing it!

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