Summer Vacation 2013 in pictures

We stopped at Gifford’s for ice cream.

IMG_20130713_152629_139IMG_20130713_153621_411I really like ice cream.

Ran the PFBF Half Marathon.

pfbf-1pfbf-4That’s all sweat. It wasn’t raining.

Went for a swim in McGrath pond.

IMG_20130714_113841_655Ate more ice cream.

IMG_20130714_130430_115Swam, kayaked and relaxed at Sibley pond.

IMG_20130714_055115_423Made a friend.

IMG_20130715_182819_140Chilled out.

IMG_20130715_183251_548Went for an early morning run (hoping to see a Moose) followed by a swim in Moosehead Lake.

IMG_20130715_143205_414We both agreed that it was possibly the most refreshing and peaceful swim EVER in the history of swims. And there have been many swims…

We took the ferry over to Mount Kineo.

IMG_20130716_085717_291And hiked up to the fire tower for some spectacular views.


Climbed Mount Katahdin.


IMG_20130717_062943_521IMG_20130717_074436_354IMG_20130717_073433_711IMG_20130717_081546_993IMG_20130717_085748_555IMG_20130717_092740_025-FIXsummitThis is us the last time we were on Katahdin, when we finished our Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 2003. Can’t believe it’s been TEN years!

We stopped at Coos Canyon and jumped off rocks and acted like 10-year-olds.


Although, the actual 10-year-olds who were there were jumping off much higher rocks.

We stayed in New Hampshire’s oldest Motel.

IMG_20130719_065812_360Visited the world’s longest candy counter.

IMG_20130718_193133_288IMG_20130718_193424I discovered that I still like good old-fashioned gum drops. Especially purple, yellow and red ones. I also like sea-salted, dark-chocolate covered toffee.

Kurt got a little hungry on the drive back to Virginia.

IMG_20130719_131111_138That’s a 2lb treat.


Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation 2013 in pictures”

  1. Those are beautiful pictures. And you make all the exercise look so easy and fun. Granted I love climbing on rocks and being in the mountains, but your ability to make it look relaxing and peaceful is really impressive.

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