Marathon Training Week One


Scheduled: rest day

Actual: rest day


Scheduled: ?
I didn’t have my training program yet, so I just did what was on Kurt’s program. Turns out I should have run 4 instead of 5. Oh well.

5 easy miles around town.
9:49 pace.


7-8 miles with four 15 second hill pickups toward the end of the run


7.7 miles around town with 4 hill pickups.
10:29 pace.
I tried very hard to make it a truly easy pace. I ended up running about a minute per mile slower than my normal “easy” run pace.
24 push-ups


easy 4 miles

easy 4 miles around town.
10:19 pace.
I was feeling slow and out of shape and stressed about the fact that my “easy” pace seems to be getting slower and slower.

I decided some new running shorts might make me feel a little better. Unfortunately, two miles into my run, I looked like I peed my pants.

IMG_20130801_073002_013It was even worse than it looks here. Guess I’ll only be wearing these shorts when it is cold or dark outside. Too bad! I really like them, and they’re the only non-black pair I’ve ever owned.


rest day

rest day
5 push ups
5 pull ups


9-10 miles with 3 X 2 miles @ 8:20-8:50 minute/mile pace

9.25 miles around town with 3 X 2 miles @ 8:58, 8:26, 8:27 pace.
9:13 average pace.
I was thrilled to be almost right on target with my paces! It didn’t even feel too hard. I mean, it didn’t feel like I could run 26.2 miles at that pace right now, but it did feel like it might be within the realm of possibility if my training goes well. It was a pretty encouraging run.


4 easy miles

4.26 easy miles on the Monticello Saunders Trail before my company woke up.
10:25 pace.
hip hikes: 35 each side

Total Weekly Mileage:


I started the week feeling pretty discouraged and frustrated with my slow running, but hitting my paces during Saturday’s run made me feel much better.

Goals for next week:
1) Strength train 2 days.
2) Eat a serving of leafy greens five days.


Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

4 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week One”

  1. I had the same problem with a tank top today- you could see a huge band of sweat across my stomach… not pretty! (Note to self- no more grey tank tops!) Good luck with your marathon training- when is the big day?

    1. Kathleen, gotta love those wardrobe malfunctions đŸ™‚ I’m planning to run the Richmond Marathon on November 16. As long as that pain in my foot isn’t a stress fracture…

  2. Richmond’s November 16, 2013 marathon was my first! I loved the medal that year.
    I smiled at the sweat stain comment because I’ve seen numerous runners make the same observation. Also, 99% of my running shorts are black…

    1. Wise wardrobe choice! I never wear those stupid purple shorts.
      I didn’t make it to Richmond in 2013. I injured myself. It’s a theme.
      My only time running the Richmond full was 2009.
      Marine Corps 2007 was our first marathon.

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