Marathon Training Week Three (recovery week)


Scheduled Rest Day


4 easy miles

4.1 easy miles around Hollymead before work
10:06 pace

I like to do my strength work right when I finish my run, but I didn’t have time before work, so I didn’t get to it until about 4 pm. I almost didn’t get to it at all, which is another reason I like to do it in the morning with my run.

There’s much more space to workout in my yard then there is in my house, so I headed out in the afternoon heat.

I worked up a lot of sweat in a short fifteen minute workout:

IMG_20130813_163653_746I did a 7 minute warm up consisting of:
butt kicks
high knees
side shuffle
backwards run
walking lunges

and then two circuits of:
10 squats
5 squat jumps
15 push ups
10 single leg squat & reach (each leg)
1 minute plank with leg raises

and finished with:
35 hip raises (each leg)
3 pull ups


6 easy miles with 6 hill pick ups

6.46 easy miles at Monticello with 6 hill pick ups
10:18 pace

This was the best run of the whole summer. With the temperature in the low 60’s I was happy before I even started running.

And things just kept getting better. The gate to Monticello was open!

IMG_20130814_065340_948It’s never open early in the morning, but an open gate means I get to add about a 1/2 mile of flat running.

IMG_20130818_103826The view on the way back down.

I actually had fun doing my 6 hill pick ups. Weird, I know.


4 easy miles

4.1 easy miles around Hollymead before work.
9:48 pace (I guess my pace is a little quicker when it’s cooler out)

Same as Tuesday, except I did it in the group fitness room at the gym, and I didn’t do hip raises or pull ups.


Scheduled rest day.


9 miles with 2 X 3 miles @ marathon pace with 2-3 minute recovery jog in between

9 miles at Riverview Park with 2 X 3 miles @ about marathon pace with 3 min recovery.
8:53 average pace

Marathon pace is 8:20. I programmed my Garmin to beep if my pace wasn’t between 8:05 and 8:40 for the marathon pace miles. In hindsight, I wish that I had narrowed that window. I need to work on consistency, but I guess that’s what these marathon-pace runs are supposed to teach me.

My first three marathon-paced mile splits were: 8:27, 8:11, 8:11 and second three were: 8:05, 8:22, 8:21IMG_20130817_075637_825

I’m still confused about how difficult my marathon pace should feel at this point in training. I finished the two 3 mile segments without too much trouble, but I’m not sure how much longer I could have maintained that pace.


3 easy miles

3 easy miles at Monticello in the rain.
10:04 pace

Who doesn’t love splashing in puddles?

IMG_20130818_084932_411I was happy to realize that I can wear my new shorts for running in the rain. I don’t have to worry about embarrassing sweat patterns when they’re uniformly soaked.

Total mileage for the week: 26.8 miles

Goals for next week:
I think I’ll stick with the same ones from last week: Strength train twice and take my iron daily.

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6 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week Three (recovery week)”

    1. Thanks.
      The manual is necessary for figuring things out on the Garmin! You can go to advanced workouts and set a pace goal for each segment of your workout. It’s pretty cool.
      I love my Garmin 🙂

  1. Gorgeous running view- doesn’t that make a world of a difference? I seem to be attracted to puddles/cracks in the road/ect when running- must be the 10 year old boy in me coming out 🙂

  2. Monticello looks like a really pretty place to run. That’s a great idea setting your Garmin to beep if you’re outside a certain pace range during your miles at MP during your long run. I need to consult my Garmin user’s manual to see how to set mine. I have been having a hard time hitting the right pace during my marathon pace runs.

    I usually stick to black or dark colored shorts to avoid embarrassing sweat marks 🙂

    1. I LOVE my Garmin. I program my entire workout in “advanced workouts” on my Garmin. It’s pretty cool because you can do each mile at a different pace and add recovery segments (by time or distance).
      It was reading your blog (in part) that made me question my marathon goal pace! You seemed to think your marathon pace felt easier than mine was feeling to me 🙂

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