Marathon Training?? Week six


Scheduled rest day.


5 easy miles

10 lap swim as a warm-up
40 minutes of pool running
2 lap swim cool-down

It’s hard to see in this picture, but there is a tiny sliver of moon above the trees. It was a beautiful morning.

IMG_20130903_104232Pool running was a little better today. I think I figured out a way to keep a steady pace that’s not too easy or too hard. Although, I still don’t think I’m working as hard as I would be if I were running.

What it looked like when I got to the pool this morning:
IMG_20130903_060642_561What it looked like when I left:
IMG_20130903_070510_614It’s not running, but I really can’t complain. There are worse places to spend a Tuesday morning.


8-9 miles with 4 X 800 at 10K pace and 2 X 400 at 5K pace

First, can I just say that I am COMPLETELY bummed about missing my first scheduled track workout. I was really looking forward to it.

Can I also say that it’s a lot easier to get out of bed at 4:45 a.m. if I’m going for a run outside than it is if I’m just going to the gym.

I decided to test my shin with a short run on the treadmill. I was tired and the running felt hard, but my shin seemed (dare I say it?) better.

I ran 4 slow miles.

IMG_20130904_061512_457Then I went over to the bike and rode for 40 more minutes.

IMG_20130904_070508_617Am I the only one who gets absolutely drenched on the bike? I did 10 one minute sprints during the middle portion of my ride. I figured that would make a (lame!) substitute for my missed track workout.


5 easy miles

45 minute Strength for Runners Class (dress rehearsal for the class I’m supposed to be teaching on Monday, but that nobody has signed up for yet).

My shin seemed a little more achy today. Whether that is from my run yesterday or not, I have no idea.

1 1/2 hour SUP yoga class at Chris Greene Lake.

The class was awesome. By far the most fun I’ve had since we got back from Vacation!

Posts on the yoga class and Chris Green Lake are in the works.


Scheduled rest day


20 miles with the last 2 at marathon pace

~15.75 SLOW miles at White Hall Vineyard
10:30 pace

IMG_20130907_091346_433IMG_20130907_091411_889I don’t know exactly how far because my Garmin died. The battery doesn’t want to last for more than about an hour and half these days. I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I would run at all today, but everyone I talked to (that would be Kurt and my mom) seemed to think I should just go ahead and do it.

My shin bothered me on and off for the first four miles or so, but then it seemed to get much better. I ended up feeling it again toward the end of my run, but it was more of an annoyance than actual pain.

The main problem I had was that, even with the nice cool weather, my pace was still painfully slow.

The marathon training group we run with consists mostly of people training for their first or second half or full marathon. I’m supposed to be training for my sixth marathon. I’d gotten used to being one of the faster runners in the group. Not anymore! Everybody was passing me. One guy even made a joke about the tortoise and the hare as he went by. Talk about a blow to the ego. I spent a good portion of today’s run just trying not to cry. Not because my shin hurt, but because after a month and a half of marathon training, I’m running slower than ever.

I looked back at my pace on this course from previous years, and, even in the heat of the summer, I was running it at a 9:30 pace. Today I ran a 10:30 pace.

I think I might have figured something out today, though. My body is smarter than my brain is. I have a feeling that the pain in my shin is just my body’s way of telling me it can’t take any more.

If my problem isn’t low iron (and I’ve been taking my supplements pretty regularly for three weeks, so that should have resolved by now) I’m thinking that I’m probably over trained. Or, I have some terrible (and most likely terminal) illness.

I don’t think my training schedule was too aggressive, I just think that I’ve been too stressed out and exhausted by life in general, that my body just isn’t recovering properly. The harder I train, the slower I get. Delightful.

I don’t know if I’ll be running a marathon this fall.

On a much happier note:

IMG_20130907_172706_557Long run days almost always end with ice cream.

Hmmmm… you don’t think that might have something to do with our big OL3P fail do you?


5 easy miles

45 minute swim

IMG_20130908_064302_935I much prefer swimming to pool running.

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5 thoughts on “Marathon Training?? Week six”

  1. Good job getting the pool running in. I know that’s not easy (as in very boring). So cool that you have access to an outdoor pool in the early morning hours!

    I’ve only just recently heard about SUP yoga. Did you fall off at all during the class? Do other people? That’s something I’ve been wondering. The few times I’ve done yoga it has been on solid ground and I still have balance issues. 🙂

    Good job on your long run! I’m glad your shin is starting to feel better. That guy’s comment (tortoise and hare) was a low blow. But he was probably just glad he wasn’t getting chicked for one 😉

    1. Nobody fell off their paddle board during the class. I think the instructor chose poses that weren’t likely to cause falls, because when I was playing around trying out poses on my own, I DID fall. But I was being pretty daring because I was by myself and there wasn’t anybody around to see me fall 🙂

      I LOVED it, though. Definitely worth trying!

    1. I don’t think I do.
      I started doing the Kinetic Revolution 30 day Challenge about a year ago. I didn’t make it all the way through, but recently signed up for it again and am hoping to make it to the end. Once I start. Which I’m planning to do tomorrow…or soon anyway 🙂
      It’s a good program designed for runners:
      The first week is a lot of stretching that I don’t feel like I need, so I’m planning to skip that and get right into the strength exercises. The program sends you an email each day.
      If you are impatient like I am, I think I saved them all and could probably forward them to you.

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