Gallop and Gorge 8K

IMG_20131129_193631_163Running a Turkey Trot has officially become a Thanksgiving tradition. No matter where we are spending the holiday, Kurt and I make it a point to start the day with a race.

Thanksgiving this year was with my family in NC. I was happy to learn that EVERYBODY was on board for an early morning run.

My sister, her friend Tim, Kurt and I left early to run the 8k and my parents brought my niece and nephew a little later for the kid’s fun run.

It was a frigid 28 degrees (real feel 21 degrees) Thanksgiving morning.

We snapped a quick “before” photo in the parking garage before heading to the start.

IMG_20131128_073511_654Tim and Jen (my sister) had looked up their age-group winning times from previous years. Tim had a shot at placing in his age group. Jen said that with the super-fast field, she didn’t have a chance. Since Jen and I are in the same age-group, that meant that I most definitely wouldn’t be placing.

Not that I’d ever considered it.

My only goal was an 8K PR. I haven’t run many 8Ks, so my current 8K PR was at a slower pace than my current half marathon PR.  I was pretty confident I’d be leaving with a new PR.

It was kind of crowded at the beginning, but I love the fun, family oriented feel of Turkey Trots, so it didn’t bother me. As usual, there were people running in silly turkey hats and some brave people standing out in their driveways in the cold to cheer on the runners.

Other than the fact that I couldn’t feel my feet, I was feeling pretty good.

I hit mile 1 in 7:55.

Mile 2 was 7:38.

A guy dressed like Big Bird was shaking his tail feathers around mile 2. He was really getting into it, and it made me smile.

Mile 3 was 7:52.

The race photographer caught me right after I’d pulled my hat off my head.

2013gallopandgorge-175-(ZF-10720-35027-1-001)Even so, the picture didn’t come out too terrible, especially by race-picture standards.

After I passed the 4 mile mark (7:28 pace), it occurred to me that I didn’t know exactly how far 8K is. I knew it was about 5 miles, but I didn’t know if I had just a little more or just a little less than a mile to go.

My Garmin went off just before I reached the finish line (7:19 pace for mile 5) so I assumed that 8K is just over a mile.

But I assumed wrong. 8K is 4.97 miles.

Now I know.

I also have a new 8K PR (38:11).

Instead of t-shirts, all race participants got the red knit hat that Kurt is wearing. I wanted to get a picture of Jen, Tim, Kurt and I all wearing our hats, but it never happened.

1128130848aMom and Dad were at the finish line with my nephew, Owen and niece, Avery. I was happy to see that both kids were full of energy and grinning from ear to ear.

There was a patch of ice in the parking lot and all the kids were having the time of their lives playing on it.

Nobody in our little group won any prizes, but the run got us outside for some fresh air and exercise before the long day of cooking and eating, which in my opinion, is the reason to run a Turkey Trot, anyway.

It’s too bad that I’m way too slow to place in my age group though, because the prizes were beautiful hand-made pottery.

1128130850I would have loved one of those mugs!

I was thrilled to find the free hot coffee.

IMG_20131128_091542_053I was extra impressed that it was locally roasted, organic and fair-trade, but at the time, I would have been excited about anything hot and brownish in color.

Apparently the soft pretzel sticks were pretty spectacular, too. Kurt was still talking about them three days later.

The kid’s race was after the awards ceremony. I wasn’t surprised that not very many people had stayed that long.

It was the adults who were cold, though. The kids were having so much fun, they didn’t seem to even notice.

IMG_20131128_093730_526I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

8 thoughts on “Gallop and Gorge 8K”

  1. Oh that looks so fun!!! I’m glad you had a great race! And congrats on the PR!! Amazing!

    That is an awesome race photo! I haven’t ever had one half that nice!! Enjoy it!

    Hope all is well and you enjoyed the holidays!


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