Three things

1.) Tracking recovery with coloring

The idea is simple: rate how you feel during each run, then assign the run a color.

Yellow: felt strong/awesome

Orange: felt normal/average

Red: bite me!

At the end of the month, if you see mostly orange and yellow, you are probably recovering properly. If you see mostly orange and red, you might want to pay more attention to your recovery. Are you eating and sleeping enough? Do you need to add another rest day?

IMG_20140403_111005_069What I learned:
1.) I tend to have red days following long runs and high-mileage weeks (not surprising)
2.) I like speed workouts (my only two yellow days)
3.) Coloring is still fun

Even though I’m not sure I learned much about how well I’m recovering, I’ll probably continue to track my runs this way.

Mostly because it’s fun.

2.) Kinetic Revolution

I discovered James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution on Twitter and have been very impressed with the quality of the free videos and tips he posts.

If you’re a runner, you’ll want to check out his videos on You Tube.


3.) Nats Push-ups

It’s that time of year again.

One push-up for every point scored. Double that if the Nats lose.

IMG_20140403_111415_835Who’s in?


Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

4 thoughts on “Three things”

  1. I hadn’t heard of tracking recovery with coloring before. That’s definitely a great visual way to see your month as a whole and find trends in your training!

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