James Monroe 5k

romp  (rŏmp)

1. To play or run about wildly, boisterously, or joyfully

2. To run or go rapidly and without effort, as in racing

3. High-spirited, carefree, and boisterous play

4. One, especially a girl, that sports and frolics

(all definitions found here.)


binge, frisk, frolic, gambol, idyll, lark, ploy, revel, rollick, fling, spree


IMG_20140520_105336The Ash Lawn-Highland website describes the James Monroe 5k as a “challenging but fun cross-country course”.

For me, it was a true romp through the stunning fields and wood of Ash Lawn-Highland.

IMG_20140517_152616_546IMG_20140517_154558_059I bounded down the hills (wildly and joyfully, I’d say),

smiled as I stomped through the mud,

marveled at the work my muscles were doing to propel me up each hill,

commiserated with my fellow runners and

I crossed the finish line sweaty, tired and happy.

IMG_20140517_163323_047I live less than 5k from Ash Lawn-Highland (the home of President James Monroe), yet until last Saturday, I had never been.

The race was a good excuse for me to finally see what I’d been missing.


IMG_20140517_153740_890There was a Family Field Day event going on in conjunction with the 5k.

PhotoGrid_1400714894000I couldn’t resist trying out the stilts. There just might be a career change in my future.

I took the house tour (free with race entry) before I left.

IMG_20140517_153452_738This unplanned trail race felt like another step in the right direction for me (running-wise and otherwise.)