Seen on the run

IMG_20140408_123544You may have noticed that a new “Seen on the run” category of posts has taken over my blog of late. I figure it’s about time for me to share the story behind this new category of posts.

Here’s the thing:

I seem to have lost my running mojo.

My race times are slower than they once were, and no matter how hard I train, I just can’t seem to get any faster.

Everything seems fine during training. I’ll start to feel a little stronger, a little fitter, a little faster. But then I’ll run a race.

And completely bomb.

Any tiny bit of confidence that I may have gained during training disappears. Self-doubt takes over. I get REALLY down on myself.

And I keep repeating this cycle over and over again.

Those negative feelings about myself were beginning to seep over into other areas of my life. I knew that I needed to make some changes. My self-confidence should not be contingent on whether I set a PR.

I usually run alone, early in the morning. Over the years, I’ve seen so many things during my runs that I’ve wanted to share.

So, I’ve started bringing my camera with me when I run (and leaving my Garmin at home). Instead of worrying about my pace, I’m noticing the world around me. I’m looking for interesting or beautiful things, and I’m taking pictures.

IMG_20140424_065006PhotoGrid_1399998704658PhotoGrid_1399996281610PhotoGrid_1399999441807Instead of finishing each run feeling down on myself and freaking out about why my pace is so slow, I finish thinking about everything that I just saw. I’m excited to get home and sort through the pictures, and choose which one to post.

In addition to adding my “Seen on the run” posts, I also thought it would probably be a good idea for me to not run a fall marathon this year.

But after having such a blast at the Blue Ridge Marathon, I may not be able to resist. If I do decide to run one, it will be purely for the love of running, though. Not for a PR.

I’m trying to be okay with that.

Right now, for me, running needs to be about getting outside and experiencing life. I need to appreciate the scent of honeysuckle and of the damp earth beneath my feet. I need to see the sun rise, and the flowers in bloom. I need to feel proud of the hills I climb and the miles I run, even if I’m not running them as fast as I’d like.

I’m hoping that I will eventually find my running mojo again and that training for races won’t feel like a completely pointless pursuit forever. But until that happens, I’ll be running with my camera and taking a lot of pictures.

So that, my friends, is my story behind the “Seen on the run” posts.

Now, go outside.

Maybe take a jog around the block and have a look around.

Either that, or set a new PR for me 🙂


Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

10 thoughts on “Seen on the run”

  1. I don’t think you have “lost” your running mojo … I feel you are tapping into, and discovering your true passion in regards to running. The old Hedonic Treadmill … I have a lot to share with you, and I truly do not mean to be all “preachy” and high minded. Quick question: Are you training to compete? Or are you merely training to “train”? There is a big difference between the two. My thoughts on your new – awesome posts?!? Its nice to see someone falling in love, again, with running, honoring and nourishing your true self along the way. Run with your heart my friend and please take care. 🙂

    1. You’ve certainly given me a lot to think about. And you’re right. There are so many things that I love about running that have nothing to do with time goals (or even racing).
      Run with your heart.
      Advice worth following 🙂
      Thank you.

  2. I have been loving these “seen on the run” posts. They remind me of my runs, although I don’t usually bring a camera, just try to take it all in and write about it so I can remember it. Snowman always laughs, because we could do the same run, and I’ll say, “did you see xyz” and he’ll say, “What?” That is part of the joy for me. I hope you can get your running mojo back by not worrying about time and race results. I know it’s frustrating, I’m having some of the same issues. I just have turned to ultrarunning, where it’s hard to compare times and distances, and it’s totally acceptable to stop and chat and stay at the aid stations for a while during a race 🙂 Ha!

    1. Thanks!
      Um, didn’t you just WIN your last ultra?? Doesn’t sound like a lack of mojo to me 🙂
      And yes, from reading your posts I can tell that you notice & appreciate everything as much as I do (especially in nature!).
      Snowman doesn’t know what he’s missing.

  3. What a great idea! I get stuck on the time, the distance, the achievement of a run but the reality is that I am not a professional runner and I do it because I love it, it relieves a lot of my stress, and is my quiet ME time. The things I see on my run are amazing and I need to bring my camera along more often. Although I did get some gorgeous shots form today’s walk! Keep the ‘seen on run’ posts coming because I really enjoy them!

    1. Thanks! I’m having a lot of fun with these posts!
      When I think about it, it seems pretty silly for me to get so hung up on time goals. Nobody cares but me, and like you said, I’m not a professional!

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing all of your “seen on the run” photos thus far! I think making the decision to ditch the Garmin and bring along your camera is a great way to shift the focus of your running. Instead of numbers and data, you can look at what’s around you and go by feel. A fall marathon where you run just to celebrate your body’s ability to run 26.2 miles, instead of for a PR, sounds perfect! So…. which race are you thinking about?? 🙂

    1. Changing the focus has definitely helped remind me of everything I love about running. I’m not sure which fall marathon I’ll do, if I do one. Kurt wants to run Harrisburg again, so maybe that one. I’m also thinking about trying a trail marathon. Any suggestions?

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