Bike ride to Scottsville

I have to admit that I’ve kind of started to look forward to my long bike ride on Sunday. Of course, I’d rather go for a long run, but I can’t say I don’t enjoy my rides.

The week before last, I wiped the cobwebs and pollen off my bike, put some air in the tires and my bike was good to go. Well, good enough for me, anyway.

The ride to Scottsville is quite nice.

The route takes me by Ash Lawn-Highland, The Donald’s winery,

IMG_20140810_133349and Dave Mathew’s winery (Blenheim).

In the past, I’ve always just ridden to downtown Scottsville and turned around. I wanted to add a little mileage this time, so I did some research and mapped out an additional loop.

scottsville bike rideI stopped at a new little coffee shop in Scottsville (Baine’s Books and Coffee) for a much-needed iced coffee and also got a vegan lavender chocolate chip muffin that I swear tasted like heaven. I was impressed and will definitely be back.

IMG_20140810_134904I rode up onto the bridge over the James River before turning around and heading back to Charlottesville.

IMG_20140810_134625IMG_20140810_134502This is the take-out for tubing and canoeing at James River Reeling and Rafting. We go tubing on the James at least once every summer.

The sun came out for my return trip to Charlottesville.

IMG_20140810_134056Total mileage: 47.5 (8.5 away from half iron distance)

Yes, I’m still thinking about eating my words.


Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

6 thoughts on “Bike ride to Scottsville”

  1. What a scenic ride!! That river is amazing–so clear! It would be so much fun to tube down it. Our rivers are GROSS with farm run-off and mud.

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