Tofurky Trot

Come on, it’s a TOFURIMG_20140927_111144_908KY TROT. How can anybody not want to run this race?

Everybody has run a Turkey Trot, but how many people do you know who have run a Tofurky Trot?

I somehow managed to convince my entire family to join in the fun.

IMG_20737935682569(1)Apparently, my idea of fun is not a popular one. Very few people showed up.Β  I’d say there were maybe fifty people lined up with us at the starting area (there was not actually a start or finish line, just a general “area” for both).

We were given maps and told to watch for signs along the course. There would be volunteers at a few key intersections, but roads were not closed to traffic. We were to stay on sidewalks and obey all traffic laws. We had to move over to the side of the road twice to let cars get by while the race director was relaying this important information to us.

And then we were off!

…for about a hundred yards before we were stopped (with one other family with small children) at the very first street crossing. It was a long light. By the time we made it across, none of the racers in front of us were anywhere in sight.

I was happy I wasn’t going for a PR.

We followed the signs. The ones that pointed left were upside down.

IMG_20140927_104152_785Good stuff.

My dad, sister, niece and I adopted a walk/jog strategy. My mom and nephew settled for the simpler walk/walk approach.

There were THREE water stops on this 5K course. The cups were hard, fancy plastic (is fancy plastic an oxymoron?)

ANYWAY, we decided the fancy water cups were deserving of a little 5K toast.

IMG_54749535660160Avery was a good little runner.

IMG_20140927_103003_091IMG_20140927_102035_295Dad showed off his mad basketball skills.

IMG_20140927_103733_772The final stretch:

IMG_20140927_105832_929We collected our shirts, lots of food samples, (vegan cookies, vegan jerky, bean chips) and some coupons (free Tofurky products!). Avery rested her feet and snacked on some well-deserved chips while dad went back to find mom and Owen.



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Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

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