ACAC update

Pool Running (and a whole lot of crazy)

Unfortunately, I’ve been doing more of this than anything else. I went for an easy 3.5 mile run the day after my century ride, which probably wasn’t smart. I had good energy, but I also had a sore right calf (more on the side). It wasn’t too bad, but seemed a little worse once I stopped. I took Monday off (I usually do), but Tuesday morning, it was still sore. So, I was at the pool Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday, it was feeling much better so I went for an easy four mile run. Friday, the soreness was gone, but it’s another rest day for me, anyway.

Saturday, 8 miles into a 13 mile run, my knee pain that had started in July came back. I completely freaked out. It was just one twinge, but I knew that was all it took. Energy-wise, I had been feeling pretty good. So good, in fact, that I was probably running faster than I should have been. I was purposely not looking at my Garmin, but figured I was running 9 minute miles (I would later learn that what had felt like 9 minute miles, were in fact 9:30 miles, but I don’t even want to talk about that.) I backed off the pace and took a shortcut back to my car (10 miles total).

I haven’t run since. My knee is definitely sore, but only when I do a deep knee bend. I’ve felt several more painful twinges, which I’m trying to convince myself were just in my head. I made an appointment with Dr. Wilder for next week, though. My plan is to take an entire week off from running, then try a test run. Otherwise, I’ll have to go into my appointment and say, “Well Doc, my knee hurt pretty bad for a minute on my run two weeks ago. I’m not sure if it hurts now, or not. I felt some twinges that may or may not have been in my head. What do you think it is, Doc?”

I’m pretty sure he’d tell me that I need to make an appointment with a different kind of doctor. And he’d be right. I’m certifiable.

Obviously, though, I think something is wrong. If I thought I could run (believe me!) I’d be running.

Restorative Yoga

I signed up a week in advance, knowing that it would be a great class to take the day after my century.

That day, I almost called and cancelled, though. I just didn’t feel like driving all the way into town. If I wasn’t signed up, there’s no way I would have gone. But I did go, and it was probably a good decision.

There was a different instructor, but the class was similar to the last one I’d taken. It started out a little frustrating. The first pose we did hurt my lower back. I tried several modifications, and the instructor gave me some suggestions as well, but I just couldn’t find a position that didn’t hurt. I ended up just doing child’s pose instead. Everything was fine after that.

Gentle Hatha Yoga

More of the same. Another great class.

Hatha Yoga

A new-to-me class and instructor. We started out with a crazy-looking move that I had never done before, which involved rocking from seated position with legs outstretched, onto our backs with our feet over our heads and back again. It looked a lot harder than it was. It was actually kind of fun.

I found this class quite challenging. Hilary’s Vinyasa classes move at an insane pace, and I end up drenched in sweat, but I prefer that to holding a difficult pose FOREVER. There were a few times in this class when I felt like the instructor was just being mean. I wondered if she was waiting to see how long it would take for us to give up and come out of the poses. My legs and arms shook, but I held on.

Humbling, and good for me, I’m sure, but not exactly enjoyable.


Oh yeah, it’s time to throw out my tri shorts. They are threadbare. I put on a long shirt and wore them anyway, though.

The room was full of people, hot and humid.

I quickly learned that (as I had suspected), there was definitely something wrong with the “watts” feature on my bike last time. This time, I had a hard time hitting the numbers, not because it seemed too easy, but because I was afraid I would die.

Another great workout.


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4 Responses to ACAC update

  1. Jan says:

    Oh bummer, sorry your knee is hurt. 😦 It is always scary to be injured. You are lucky to have so many yoga options nearby. We have just Yoga…I have no idea what kind or if it is a kind, but the teacher seems really good!

    • Thanks. I ran 4 miles yesterday without any pain yesterday, so I’m hopeful! ACAC offers a bunch of different yoga classes, all included with membership. It really is convenient. Pricey, but VERY nice!
      If you like the class & instructor, go with it. I think that’s all that matters!!

  2. Meagan says:

    Sorry to hear about the return of your knee pain. Good move cutting the run short and heading back to the car, though!

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I’m hoping cutting it short & taking a week off was enough to keep it from coming back. Yesterday’s 4 easy miles on the treadmill went well 🙂

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