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Above all, let’s be sexy

how to look sexy outdoors

Wow. Where to begin?

There are so many to choose from, but I think my favorite piece of advice from this article is: “Heels are very feminine, and a small one goes a long way to make you look sexy even outdoors.”

I guess I’ve been worrying about the wrong things when purchasing outdoor footwear. I’ve been thinking about comfort and support and avoiding blisters and injury. Silly me. Now I know the only question I need to ask is, “do these shoes make me look sexy?”

The author also suggests ditching technical fabrics in favor of cotton, which is sexier. I guess itΒ is important to look sexy while we’re dying of hypothermia.

This was written as a joke, right?


I’m inspired

harrisburg winnerIt’s not too late! I still have plenty of time to win my first marathon.


I’m not a hater, I just don’t wear skirts

no skirtI was a little distracted by the typos in this article, but looking beyond that, I found it interesting.

I don’t wear running skirts, but it’s mostly because they’ve never felt comfortable to me. I’ve tried a few on and the shorts underneath always feel like they’d ride up, or just be too hot. I’ve secretly been on the lookout for a skirt with just briefs underneath, though. I now know that such a skirt exists. Recently, I read 30 Something Mother Runner‘s blog post review of a skirt with briefs instead of shorts. So, I may one day become a member of the Skirt-Wearing Women Runner Club after all. I’m not going out of my way to join, though.

For the record, I’ve never felt shunned by other women runners because I don’t wear a skirt. I know a lot of women wear them, but I never realized it was a thing. Now that I think about it, maybe that is the reason nobody talked to me when I showed up for that early morning track workout. I’ve been trying to figure out what it was that I did wrong…

Author: healthyincville

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4 thoughts on “Around the Web”

  1. Somehow I think the writer of that first article has never ever been outdoors. Looking sexy? Doesn’t she know that working up a sweat and being able to carry a 30 pound pack or run a marathon is sexy in its own way. Sheesh. I’m not in this to look good, I’m in this to FEEL good, be strong, and have an adventure. Seriously.

    As for the skirts… I loved all my friend’s skirts, and finally found one on sale to buy. Well, it’s cute and it is perfect for hiking around with Sam, but for running, there is just too much fabric. The undershorts are actually comfy but the sway of the skirt just bothers me. Plus, as above, I’m not in this to look cute, I’m in this to run hard and strong and FINISH πŸ™‚ So, if you never find a running skirt you like, it’s ok, sometimes bucking the trend is good.

    1. Well said! I’m pretty sure she has not spent much time outside. Can you picture her in her cotton sundress and boots with heels hiking through one of those snowy days in Georgia? Or fording a river in Maine?
      I’ve definitely considered the fact that there’s too much fabric in a running skirt, but hadn’t thought about the sway. That could be annoying. And revealing if the skirt only has briefs underneath πŸ™‚ I’m fine wearing shorts.

  2. Yes, because clearly if I’m going on a hiking or camping trip my first concern is how to look sexy πŸ™‚ Nevermind being adequately equipped and outfitted for the trip, as long as I have a great pair of kitten heels and a sexy cotton shirt (bonus points for a “logger” plaid pattern)!

    I enjoyed the other two articles as well. That guy is so inspiring! As for running skirts – they’re not for me, but I don’t care what others prefer. To each her (or his, too, I guess) own!

    1. Yeah, that first article was ridiculous! I hope you were able to get to the skirt article. I didn’t realize until last night that I forgot to add the link! It’s there now. I’m always surprised at how strongly people feel about things that don’t seem to matter that much. I agree with you. Guy or girl, wear a skirt, don’t wear a skirt, it makes no difference to me!

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