Classes at Carver Rec Center

IMG_20141207_091405_025Monday 6:15 Cycle

Cycle class at Carver is very different from cycle class at ACAC. First of all, there isn’t a designated cycle room. The bikes are stored off to one side of the one and only group exercise room. Before class, each student chooses a bike and wheels it out onto the main floor. This set-up didn’t bother me at all, and I was impressed with the bikes. They are the same bikes they have at ACAC, only newer (or maybe just less-used, but I think newer, too.)

Another difference is that the instructor at Carver was a little late to both of the classes that I attended. Class started closer to 6:30 then 6:15. We got in a solid 25 minutes of hard work, which I had conflicting opinions about, but was mostly fine with.

The first week, there were only two people (including me) in the class. The second week, there were three of us. The classes were less formal (and less intimidating) than the ones at ACAC.  Despite the low-key feel, I still felt like I got in a good (albeit shorter) workout. I liked the class enough that I was planning to make it a regular part of my weekly routine.

But on the third week, the instructor was even later than usual. Finally (at a little after 6:30) I asked the only other person in the room if class had been cancelled. She said yes, that the rec center was cancelling all classes that didn’t regularly have at least four participants. She apologized for not telling me sooner. She had been informed at the front desk when she checked in and therefore assumed I had been as well.

I did my own workout, but it just wasn’t the same. I attend classes because I want to be on auto-pilot. I want somebody else to tell me what to do.

I’m pretty disappointed. I was counting on that class! There are no longer any early morning cycle classes being offered at Carver.

TRX & Core

I was excited to try this class, but had a hard time fitting it into my schedule. It is offered at 4:45 on Thursday afternoons (I get off work at 5) and 8:15 on Saturday mornings (I’m usually in the middle of my weekly long run at that time.)

Last week, I wasn’t doing a long run because I was running the Skinny Turkey Half Marathon on Thursday. So, I did an easy four mile run outside, then headed over to Carver for class.

I’m a huge proponent of bodyweight training and I love the TRX suspension trainer. Back when I was a personal trainer, I took one of the educational classes offered by TRX, but I had never attended an actual group exercise class featuring the suspension trainer. I had no idea what to expect.

I guess I was a tiny bit late to class, which is so unlike me! Maybe I had gotten used to cycle class starting late, and just figured none of the classes started on time.

When I walked in, there were four other ladies doing TRX squats. The instructor assured me there was room for me and quickly went about setting up another TRX. She made sure I knew what I was doing, then let me jump right in.

She guided us through a series of exercises. We covered all the basics: several different lunge variations, chest presses and rows. She also had us do some upper-back work, which I appreciated. Like most people, I could stand to spend some time strengthening those often neglected, posture-enhancing muscles.

Eventually, she had us move down to the floor for some hamstring curls, planks and push-ups.

Finally, we stood up for some stretching that felt oh-so-good after all that work!

It was a tough class. My abs, hamstrings and inner thighs were pretty sore for a few days afterward. Before taking the class, I was worried that it might be too intense, and not a very good complement to my running. I was pleasantly surprised that the class focused completely on strength and core conditioning (there wasn’t a cardiovascular component.) I actually think this class would be great for me! Unfortunately, I just don’t know how to fit it into my schedule.

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2 thoughts on “Classes at Carver Rec Center”

  1. In general, this sounds like a great place to attend group classes. As someone who has never been to one before, I would be more comfortable at a place like this where it’s small and low-key. It’s too bad the cycling class was so unreliable, though, and that they had dropped it. I wonder if it would have met the 4 person limit if the instructor had been more punctual in the past?

    1. I’m having a hard time finding a gym that works for me! I’m with you, I like the small, low-key feel, but I would also like some classes at times that actually fit into my schedule. Luckily, I can usually just run 🙂

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