It’s time for a reset

I’ve been eating a lot of junk lately.

Pizza, chips, frozen meals, muffins, not to mention all of the holiday treats and desserts.

I’ve also been feeling pretty crappy. My eyes are puffy when I wake up every morning. My joints ache. I’m getting headaches more often. Car rides have been making me queasy. I’m  irritable and have no patience.

Oh, and all of my pants are tight, which really doesn’t help the irritability factor…

So, starting New Year’s Day, I’m cutting the junk out for 10 days.

That means:

No sweets (or sugar of any kind: natural or artificial). No cane sugar, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, honey, Stevia, or any food that contains any of these sweeteners.

No processed, packaged snack foods or frozen meals. This includes all of my “healthy” junk food:

IMG_20141230_135634_220No white flour.

No dairy.

In truth, I started today (except for the white flour and dairy). I have leftover pizza that I need to finish up. It is a mega veggie pizza, though. So at least there’s that.

Ten days of healthy eating to get myself back on track. I can do this.

Want to join me?

Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

10 thoughts on “It’s time for a reset”

  1. Good luck! We’re kicking pizza to the curb for all of January, hopefully longer, in my house but I just can’t quit on my chocolate milk and peanut M&Ms.

    1. Peanut M&Ms are my husband’s favorite! I used to make him hide them from me 🙂
      I definitely don’t think it will be easy for me to go ten days without sugar.
      Good luck with the no pizza thing!

  2. Go you! I had my third Christmas on Sunday and said enough – happy to be getting back on track. Isn’t it amazing how what we put in our bodies affects how we feel so much? You got this!

  3. I bet it will be hard at first, because I’ve read the more processed foods and simple carbohydrates you eat, the more your body craves them. But I’ve also read that when you cut that stuff out for 10-14 days you stop craving it. I bet you’ll feel a lot better and that will help reinforce it. Good luck!

  4. I’ve heard the same thing that Meagan mentioned. Great call on the dark chocolate (one of my favorites). Have you tried the Late July brand organic sweet potato tortilla chips? They’re my substitute for potato chips.

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