Running, Races and Events in 2014

Total number of miles run in 2014: 1,306.1

Number of races: 7
three 5Ks
one 10K
one 10 Miler
one Half Marathon
one marathon

PRs: 0

Triathlons: 0

Cycling events: 1

Fun Runs: 2 (I can’t bring myself to count the Tofurky Trot and Tacky Light Run as actual races)

Although I put in quite a few miles during the early months of 2014, I did not perform well at all during races. I’m not sure what happened.

This graph shows my weekly mileage through the week of the Blue Ridge Marathon:

week mileage 2014 first partCharlottesville Ten Miler (March 29): 1:27:16/8:44 pace
I didn’t even come close to my 1:20/8:00 pace goal.

Chocolate Chase 10K (April 12): 48:48/7:52 pace
This wasn’t a key race, so I didn’t have a time goal.

Blue Ridge Marathon (April 27): 4:40:54/10:44
I was hoping for a race PR (so anything faster than 4:15:36), but again, I wasn’t even close.

The week after the Blue Ridge Marathon, I ran the Montalto Challenge 5K, but other than that, I had a few easy, low-mileage weeks before I started building my mileage back up. I was (secretly) planning to run the 50 Mile portion of the West Virginia Trilogy.

That plan went out the window when I hurt my knee in July. It took until the middle of October for me to feel recovered enough to start building my mileage again, and then, in December, I twisted my ankle.

2014 mileage second partMontalto Challenge 5k (May 3): 30:34/9:52 pace
This race was a week after the marathon, so I didn’t have a time goal.

James Monroe 5k (May 17): 26:21/8:31 pace
Mostly on trails/no time goal.

Kiwanis 4th of July 5K (July 4): 25:38/8:17 pace
My only goal was to beat my slowest previous time for this race, which I did.

Tofurky Trot (September 27): A family event. We jogged a little and walked a lot.

Culpeper Cycling Century (October 4): I finished my first Century bike ride!

Skinny Turkey Half Marathon (November 27): 1:55:56/8:50 pace
My goals were to run negative splits and to finish under two hours. I accomplished both!

Tacky Light Run (December 13): I did this one on crutches because I sprained my ankle three days before.

Health and Fitness goals for 2015:

1) Run at least twelve races.

2) Complete a half iron distance triathlon or an ultra. I was all set to do the Richmond Rox Half, but then I realized that the Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon is the week before. Can I do both?

3) Yoga!

Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

8 thoughts on “Running, Races and Events in 2014”

  1. I stole the graphs from Runner’s World. I’ve been using their online log forever. It’s kind of fun to go back and see my training over time. I have another post comparing all my years since 2010. I’m sure I’m the only one who cares about all that, but I’ll probably post it anyway 🙂

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