Running through the years

Writing my 2014 Running, Races and Events post made me very curious about how 2014 compared to other years in regard to running and racing. Luckily, I’ve been using the online log at Runner’s World since 2010, so it was pretty easy to go back and do some comparisons.



1,306.1 miles

Races: 7

Marathons: 1
Half Marathons: 1
Ten Milers: 1
10Ks: 1
5Ks: 3
Fun Runs: 2 (not counted in total)

PRs: 0

Cycling Events: 1 Century

2014 mileage graphI hurt my knee in July and sprained my ankle in December.



Total miles run: 1407.9

Races: 13

Marathons: 1
Half Marathons: 3
Ten Milers: 1
10Ks: 1
8Ks: 1
6Ks: 1 (I’m counting the Tacky Light Run as a race here, because I actually ran it in 2013.)
5Ks: 5

PRs: 3
Valentines 5K (23:08)
Charlottesville Ten Miler (1:22:32)
Gallop and Gorge 8K (38:11)

2013 mileage graph


Total Miles Run: 1043.3

Races: 9

Marathons: 1
Half Marathons: 2
10Ks: 1
5Ks: 5

PRs: 1
Steamtown Marathon (3:52:34)

Triathlons: 1 (Walnut Creek Sprint)

2012 mileage graphI spent the first few months of 2012 trying to get over an IT band injury.



Total miles run: 748.47

Races: 7

Half Marathons: 2
10Ks: 1
5Ks: 4

PRs: 1
Richmond Half Marathon (1:44:53)

Triathlons: 2 (Culpeper International/Olympic distance and I Love the Tavern Sprint distance)
Other: 1 (Muddy Buddy: run/bike/obstacle race)

The first few months of 2011 were spent cautiously coming back from a metatarsal injury that had kept me from running at all for the last FOUR months of 2010.

2011 mileage graph


Total miles run: 1125.4

Races: 4

Marathons: 1
10Ks: 1
5Ks: 2

PRs: 0

Cycling Events: 1 (Tour de Valley Metric Century)

Other: Muddy Buddy

I was on track for record-breaking mileage in 2010, but was seriously derailed by a foot injury. The injury happened not long after I started training for the Iron Mountain 50 Miler.

2010 mileage graph2010 is as far back as my Runner’s World log goes, but thanks to Athlinks, I’m able to piece together most of my running history. If you run races, and haven’t checked out the Athlinks website, you might want to! It tracks down all your events and stores them in one place. Pretty cool. It doesn’t always find events in different states, so sometimes you will have to find and add your own events. Also, if you have an often misspelled name (or if your handwriting is terrible, like mine is) you will have to look up your race results and then type the misspelled name in to find and collect your results.

athlinks*The earliest race that Athlinks found for me was the Johnny Kelly 5 Miler in Hyannis, Massachusetts in 2001. I was 25 years old and finished in 46:56. I’m pretty sure I had run at least a couple of local 5Ks before that, although there is only one 5K that I actually remember doing for sure.

*I have run races in Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine and Washington DC.

*My first Half Marathon was the Charlottesville Half Marathon in 2006. I have run fourteen half marathons.

*My first Marathon was Marine Corps in 2007. I have run six marathons.

*The Charlottesville Ten Miler is the only ten mile race I’ve run, but I’ve run it four times.

A photographic look back:

My First half marathon, cotton t-shirt and all (Charlottesville Half Marathon, 2007)
My First half marathon, cotton t-shirt and all (Charlottesville Half Marathon, 2006)
After our first marathon (Marine Corps 2007)
After our first marathon (Marine Corps 2007)
Run at The Rock trail race, 2008
Run at The Rock trail race, 2008
Muddy Buddy, 2009
National Marathon, 2010
National Marathon, 2010
Richmond Half Marathon, 2011
Richmond Half Marathon, 2011

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7 thoughts on “Running through the years”

  1. It’s so neat to look at your racing and running over the years! I have kept a handwritten log (made by Runner’s World – but sadly I found this year they’ve stopped making them!) since 2007 and I like to flip through them every now and then. I’m not a big fan of online running logs, but it’s really convenient the way it displays all of the data for you. Love your MCM picture! “What the heck did we just do?”

    1. I use the paper Runner’s log, too! I like that there’s a place for notes (I write how I felt or if i did some cross-training.) I actually have 3 logs: Garmin Connect, Runner’s world online & RW paper 🙂

      1. Can you find the RW Paper? I can’t find the old school log anymore (the little horizontal flip book thing). So I ended up ordering one of their spiral bound yearly running logs with the red cover….

      2. I can’t. I think I got mine free in the past when I paid for my magazine subscription. I’m sad I filled my last one up. I’m just using a regular planner now. Although the one I have ends in July and that just won’t do. I need the calendar year all in one log. I’ll have to buy a new one before I have too much to transfer 😦

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