Random updates

Running and injuries

My foot is doing much better. In fact, it was doing so much better that I stopped taking my medicine and ran three days in a row. Not surprisingly, on the third day, the pain was back.

Due to snow and below freezing temperatures, the gym wasn’t open early enough to go before work last week, so all of my runs were on our old treadmill in the kitty litter room.

B-DX7BzCQAAQzFi_002I started taking the drugs again, and took a day off.

I ran a few easy miles on the treadmill this morning, and my foot felt fine. I’m going to try to actually follow the training plan next week. We’ll see.

Gym memberships

My four weeks at ACAC is over. During those four weeks, I had decided that if the same deal applied where they’d waive the initiation fee if I signed up within two weeks, I would go ahead and join.

I started getting excited thinking about all the classes I could try and how convenient it would be to train for a triathlon at ACAC in the fall.

But when I went in to talk to somebody about joining, I was told that the same deal did NOT apply and that I had it wrong anyway. I would have had to join within two weeks of purchasing (not finishing) the trial membership period.

I swear the guy seemed happy to turn me away. I left thinking that I would NEVER join, but after I had time to cool off, I realized that most of my interactions with the staff at ACAC had been positive. This guy was the exception, not the norm.

As of this morning, I’m back at Smith and Carver.


I tried a Pummelo for the first time. They were right next to the grapefruit at Trader Joe’s. On a whim, I scooped one up and put it in my basket.

They look just like over-grown grapefruit, but they taste very different. In fact, they don’t taste like anything I’ve had before, and I like that. It has been a long time since I’ve tasted something completely new.

IMG_20150204_123938_253Although they look bigger than grapefruit, they have a very thick skin, plus a thick layer of pith. Once you get to the edible part, they’re about the same size as a grapefruit. I eat them the same way I eat all citrus: I peel them, and eat them by sections.

IMG_20150204_124405_517I bought several more the next time I was at Trader Joe’s, but they haven’t had any lately. I saw some at Harris Teeter, but they were $2.50 each (compared to $1.39 at Trader Joe’s.)

Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

2 thoughts on “Random updates”

  1. Hmmm I’m curious to try a pummelo now. I’m not a grapefruit fan, and had always assumed they probably tasted similar since they look similar to a grapefruit. There I go judging a book by its cover 🙂 I hope your foot continues to feel better and you’re able to get back into training! Sorry to hear about the ACAC deal. I don’t know why that guy acted that way towards you, but good of you to recognize that he’s the exception and not the norm there.

    1. Hmmm. I’d be interested to know if somebody who doesn’t like grapefruit would like a pummelo. If you ever try one let me know 🙂

      I am so eager to get back into training! I took a closer look at my schedule, though, and I’m too far off to jump right back in. I guess I’ll be following a modified schedule 😦

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