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Montalto Challenge 5k (April 25, 2015)

This morning I ran my fifth (and slowest ever) Montalto Challenge 5k. In pretty much perfect weather conditions. Oh, but shoot. I probably shouldn’t begin my race recap with that if I’m trying to be more positive, should I? Let … Continue reading

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rev·er·ie  \ˈre-və-rē, ˈrev-rē\ noun 1. A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts or fanciful musings; a daydream. 2. An instrumental piece of nebulous or dreamy character.

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Blue Ridge Half Marathon 2015

Leading up to race day: It was supposed to be our third year in a row running the Blue Ridge Marathon. We’d registered soon after finishing last year’s race, almost a year in advance. But that’s not what happened. Training … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chase 10k & Lewisburg Chocolate Festival 2015

(Note: I wrote this post more than a week ago, but didn’t feel like publishing it. I’m going through a phase where I hate everything I write. I’ve also been wondering if I’d be happier if I stopped  writing personal … Continue reading

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Loved the March Fourth Awesomeness last night! #BRM26pt2 A post shared by JoAnne Smart (@healthyincville) on Apr 18, 2015 at 8:04am PDT Marchfourth! righ·teous \ˈrī-chəs\ adjective 1. morally upright 2. slang. genuine and fabulous also: sweet, awesome, dope, epic, legit

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fier·y /ˈfī(ə)rē/ adjective 1. Ablaze 2. Impassioned, spirited, excitable, red-hot

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fan·tas·ti·cal /făn-tăs′tĭ-kəl/ adjective 1. Conceived by unrestrained imagination; odd and remarkable 2. Outlandish, weird, wild, wondrous

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