OH!lly! 5K (Tuesday June 9, 2015)

ohillyThe day that I posted my race report for the Conquer the Cove 25K, Andi asked me if I knew about the OH!lly 5K and if I’d be interested in running it with her.

I had read about the race, which is part of a new summer trail running series that the Charlottesville Area Trail Runners are doing, but I hadn’t planned to run it, primarily because it was happening at 7 pm on a Tuesday night. But when she asked, I couldn’t resist. I actually did want to run it.

We both arrived a little early on race day, paid our $5 registration free, and went for a short warm-up jog.

IMG_20150609_182039645_HDRJust before 7:00, we lined up at the start. There were more than a hundred runners, which I thought was a pretty good turnout for a Tuesday evening trail race. We were given a very long description of the course. I was beginning to worry that the course was not marked very well and that we were expected to remember all of these instructions. I asked Andi if she was following it all and she just shook her head.

I hadn’t been able to find my knee brace and was a little bit nervous about running without it. My knee had been doing so well for so long though, that I told myself it would probably be fine. And for the first little bit, it was. Around mile one I felt a twinge, which made me slow down and be much more cautious on the downhills than I would have been otherwise. I felt a few more twinges throughout the race, mainly when I tried to pick up the pace.

Annoying knee issues aside though, I really enjoyed the race. There was a short section on the Rivanna Trail that I had run before, but other than that, it was all new trail to me, which was cool. There were plenty of steep and rocky hills.

Andi and I hung around for a while afterward. I drank about twenty glasses of water (it was so hot!) and ate a couple of orange slices and a banana while we waited for the awards ceremony.

IMG_20150609_194704127It was a well-organized and fun race. I’m glad Andi made me do it and I would definitely run another CAT trail race in the future.

Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

7 thoughts on “OH!lly! 5K (Tuesday June 9, 2015)”

  1. It sounds like a fun race! I’m pleased to read you enjoyed the experience and weren’t worried about your pace or finish time. That’s something we runners so often forget to do.

  2. I love small, no frills races! The entry fee usually makes me pretty happy 🙂 Sorry about the knee pain – it’s so frustrating when something like that holds you back. It looks like a pretty tough 5K, even without an annoying knee getting in the way.

    So did the course end up being well-marked, or did y’all need to remember all of the complicated instructions?

    1. It was an awesome race! My knee seems to be holding up fine, which makes me very happy. The course was very well marked, and they had several volunteers at intersections. I don’t think anybody got lost. 🙂

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