The great turtle release

Back in May, while exploring a new trail in Scottsville with my parents, we found a turtle with a cracked shell. The wound was covered with maggots, which concerned me, so I ran back to the car and got a box to put him in and drove him to The Wildlife Center in Waynesboro.

When I dropped him off, they asked me exactly where I’d found him, because they always release turtles within a quarter mile of where they were found. I told them I would love to bring him back since I knew exactly where it was. I was pleasantly surprised that they seemed happy about my offer.

Thursday, I finally got the call that he was ready to be released.

This afternoon, I drove out to Waynesboro to pick him up.

He was in a shoe box that was taped shut.

I was given a list of rules for transporting and releasing a box turtle.

Among other things, I was not to turn the car radio on or talk to the turtle.

I took him back to the spot where I’d found him and let him go.

It was very hard not to tell him to be safe and have a happy life. 😊