Culpeper Cycling (metric) Century (Saturday, October 1, 2016)

Andi and I had registered for the full century ride. It’s the same one that we did back in 2014. Although we’d completed the full 102 miles that year, we hadn’t quite made it to the finish line in time. Other than the nice sweeper man in the SAG wagon who escorted us for the last several miles, everyone had packed up and gone home by the time we made it back to our cars. You can read about our 2014 adventures here.

We both kind of wanted to redeem ourselves by completing the century before the event was over. But after my back injury, there was no chance I would be doing that this year. I told Andi I was dropping down to the metric and she said she would too. Even before my injury, it would’ve been a stretch for us to finish in time. We’d trained even less than we had two years ago.

The weather ended up being crappy the day of the ride. They were calling for rain in the morning, with clearing skies later in the day.


It ended up drizzling the entire time we were out there. Our glasses kept fogging up and the slippery roads were kind of freaking me out. Andi told me after we finished that she was kind of worried about how slow I was going for the first few miles. I did pick up the pace, but was definitely slower than her on the down hills and on the areas of road that were covered with mud and rocks.

In the end, I was happy that we decided to just do the metric century. The full century would have been long, wet and painful.

I do feel like I still need to do another full century though.



Author: healthyincville

Nemophilist Trail runner Introvert Animal-loving vegetarian * My ideal city would be car-free. I love my cats.

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