Seen on the run (January 15, 2019)

My anxiety about spraining my ankle again made me leery of a snowy trail run, but Brian really didn’t want to run on roads (and I can’t say I was all that excited about it either). Plus it’s his birthday week. He may not be as into celebrating birthdays as I am, but I strongly believe you should get to do what you want during your birthday week.

Or month…

The trails at Biscuit Run were pretty sloppy. A mix of mud and crusty ice and snow. I definitely was worried about slipping or twisting my ankle, but it was also a lot of fun and so much better than running on roads.


The only company we had out there this morning.

img_20190115_113712281_hdrThe snow really is beautiful. I love how it sparkles in the sunlight.

Seen on the run (January 12, 2019)

We ran with the CAT’s 50K training group this morning. We were actually able to keep up with some of them!

Photo credit: David Smith

There were a few snow flurries on the way up which was nice, but it was bitterly cold up on Little Calf Mountain. I had to keep blowing out the tube in my hydration pack to keep it from freezing and I didn’t feel like lingering too long to enjoy the view.img_20190112_083012407img_20190112_083008004_hdrscreenshot 2019-01-12 at 2.12.00 pm - edited

Seen on the run (January 1, 2019)

Happy New Year!

Brian and I are really killing it so far this year.

We went to the local trail running group’s Resolution Rendezvous Run (because I’m going to be so social in 2019!!) The run was a low-key, run-as-much-as-you-want kind of thing, with distance options of anything up to 38 miles. We were planning to do the 14 miles up to Blackrock and back (7 each way for a total of 14).

I hid in the car until the last possible second telling Brian how this was a stupid idea and that I wished we’d just done our own thing.

As we were getting our packs ready, we realized that we’d left the cooler at home. No biggie for me. I was only missing an orange I’d thrown in there for after the run. But all of Brian’s water bottles were in the cooler. He had no water and no way of carrying any water. I had my hydration bladder about 3/4 filled with water. I opened it up and emptied my Hydro Flask into it. We would have to share. It was unseasonably warm out, so I wasn’t sure 2 liters would be enough for both of us for 14 technical and hilly miles. Never mind the inconvenience of both of us having to stop every time he needed to drink. Brian has a tendency to not drink enough anyway, so I had a feeling we were setting ourselves up for a tough run.

We sheepishly (okay, that was only me) joined the group. Someone commented on my Conquer the Cove race shirt and I dropped my glove in a mud puddle. We started running. Brian and I ran with a few people for a minute or two as they passed us. Within two miles, we were on our own. This was my fault, not Brian’s. I’m slow on trails. Okay, maybe I’m just slow. Which is a little frustrating because I’ve been running almost twice as much as Brian has lately.

On the last big climb up to Skyline Drive, we started gaining on the little group ahead of us. For a while I thought we could catch them. We picked up our pace a little, but they must have too. As Skyline Drive came into view we saw that a bigger group was there waiting. We watched as the little group we had been following caught up to them. For a second, we thought they’d wait for us too. But no, they all just took off up the trail. Huh.

We each drank some of my water before turning around and heading back to the car. We didn’t even make it to the summit of Blackrock.

IMG954235 Brian turned around to say something to me and tripped over a foot-high chain strung across the trail.

Winning 2019, we are!

Hope you’re off to a better start.

Sugar Hollow to Skyline Drive and back:

Screenshot 2019-01-01 at 3.39.59 PM (1)





Total miles run: 1280.1

It took me a while to bounce back (both physically and mentally) from my two ankle sprains in late 2017.

The winter months were tough. I just didn’t have my normal drive to get up and out on those cold, dark mornings. So my yearly mileage was fairly low and (unlike other low-mileage years) I wasn’t biking and swimming instead of running. Mostly, I was curled up in my chair with a cup of tea, a book and a kitty on my lap. Embracing the hygge. Time well-spent I think, as I lost my cuddliest kitty later in the year. I’m happy to have had that extra cuddle time.


2018 Races


Blue Ridge Marathon

Jogging de la Ligne

Conquer the Cove 25k

I feel bad that I never wrote anything about Conquer the Cove this year. It is possibly my favorite trail race, which is why I ran it even though it was held the weekend Brian and I got back from Belgium. I was jet-lagged, fighting off a cold and exhausted from vacation, but I really didn’t want to miss the race! It went about how you would imagine. Although in truth, it surprised me just how much that combination of circumstances affected my run. It took me three hours and forty-two minutes, which is almost a full HOUR longer than the last time I ran it (2:47). Yikes! It was still a great race and I loved jumping in the lake afterward just as much as I always have.

In addition to my dismal performance, I didn’t take any pictures this year. And these are the only two of me from the race pics (I’m in the peachy/orange tank top.)


Odyssey Trail Running Rampage Half Marathon



Non-running 2018 highlights:

My first (and second!) trip(s) overseas.


View from our Airbnb in Compogne



London and Scotland with the family




Edinburgh Military Tattoo

2018 was a mixed bag of high highs and low lows.

Life, I guess.

See you in 2019!