Seen on the run (February 9, 2019)

The 50k Training Group run was in Charlottesville this week. We started at Barracks Road Shopping Center.

Photo credit: Sophie Speidel

As we were heading over to join the group, I heard this week’s group leader (Sophie Speidel) saying those dreaded words that never fail to make me sweat, “I’m going to have everyone go around in a circle…”

It was fairly painless though. I only had to say my name and which race I’m training for. Two words. No “tell us something interesting about yourself” or anything open-ended and terrifying like that.

She also had the faster runners stop and wait for the rest of the group at intersections, which is not something that we’ve done on these training runs thus far. It made it feel more like a group run and was kind of nice, although I’m glad we don’t do it every week. It probably would have frustrated me if I was one of the faster runners and had to wait for a really long time. It was too cold to be not moving for long. Plus I’m a little impatient and generally don’t like to stop a lot during my runs. I’m closer to the back though, so the wait was never very long for me.

Photo credit: Sophie Speidel

We ran through Foxhaven Farms, which was new to me. We just ran the perimeter of several fields, but it was pretty.


Most everyone added a section of the O’hill trails towards the end of the run, but I was getting very anxious to get home to check on our sweet Molly who has a UTI and has been feeling terrible.


So we opted out and just returned to Barracks Road the way we’d come, on the Rivanna Trail.

Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 1.52.11 PM (1)

That also meant we missed having coffee with everyone at Greenberry’s afterward. My feelings were mixed about that. Equal parts disappointment and relief. Talking to people is stressful.

Coffee is good, though. And as hard as it is to socialize, I know it’s good for me to make an effort.

Molly was fine when we got home. Or, not any worse than when we left her anyway. I really hope the medicine starts working soon. I can’t stand to see her sick.