London (August 2018)

Inside our Airbnb.

Borough Market

A farmer’s market on steroids.

So heaven, pretty much.


Everything from fresh fruit, vegetables and meat to vegan burgers and baked goods.

I had some Ethiopian food and a brownie. So many foods to try and so little time. I could go to this market every day and never get bored.


Bombay café

Just the girls.



Avery Jo discovered she likes garlic naan and I finally got to try jackfruit.

The jackfruit biryani was salty, sweet, spicy and delicious. Shredded jackfruit is disturbingly meat-like. Now I know.

The mixed drinks weren’t bad, either.

The Tour for Muggles


Oh yes, we did.

It was obvious the tours drove some of the locals crazy and I understand why, but our tour guide was great and it was a lot of fun.

Post-tour conversation with my niece:

Me: “I definitely wouldn’t be in Gryffindor or Slytherin. So I guess I’m either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. What is the main Ravenclaw trait again?”

Avery: “They’re really smart.”

Me: “Guess I’m Hufflepuff then.”

She went on to explain more about Hufflepuffs to me and I realized that there’s no question. Hufflepuffs have no particular talent but they value hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play.

Totally me.

Avery Jo says she’s Hufflepuff, too.

The London Eye



Breathtaking views of the city, but a little unnerving if you have issues with heights like I do (I’m definitely not Gryffindor).

Bicycle commuters

Photo: Michaelpuche/

There are so many cyclists on the London streets during rush hour! The first morning we were walking to a local coffee shop and I noticed them, I thought some sort of bicycle race or event was happening. Large hordes of cyclists were moving together from streetlight to streetlight. It was really quite wonderful to see.

In some parts of London, more than 30% of vehicles on the roads during rush hour are bicycles.

London may soon have more bikes than cars at rush hour.