Running in 2021

1226.43 miles

Only two races:

Conquer the Cove Marathon (May 30, 2021)
This is still my favorite race. I really hate that finish-line photo of me, though.

Eastern Divide 50k (June 19, 2021)
I’ve been wanting to run this race for years and was thrilled we were finally able to. Brian and I ran together the entire way. Although, saying we “ran” is generous. I was having knee pain and had to walk a lot of the downhills. He crashed pretty hard towards the end and didn’t want to run any of the inclines. Together, we made quite the team. We met some great people though and had a lot of fun.

Or, I had fun anyway. I doubt Brian would say it was fun.

Memorable runs that weren’t races:

Sunrise run on the Blue Ridge Parkway

The snowy run at Monticello when we met the diligent skunk.

He was so busy doing whatever he was doing that he never acknowledged us.

Spring magic at Monticello

Easter Sunday run at Ragged mountain and that dark chocolate-dipped carrot cake.

The Riprap/Wildcat run when the Rhododendrons were in bloom.

The run with my sister that was a comedy of navigational errors and nearly twice the miles it was supposed to be but included a glorious swim and created some wonderful (in hindsight) memories.

The run at Monticello when I met my white pigeon friend and he lead the way for a while.

All of my state park wild swimming runs.

The run with my cousin Jess on the Cape Cod Canal.

I didn’t get a picture of the run, but this is us swimming a couple of days later.

Jarmans in the Fall

Thanksgiving morning Jarmansing with the Charlottesville Area Trail Runners.

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