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Baby Birds

The assignment I’m given most often when I volunteer at the Wildlife Center is “meals.” That means I spend much of my time in the kitchen chopping fruits and vegetables, weighing out worms, and dishing up meals for possums, squirrels, … Continue reading

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Go Ape!

To celebrate my birthday this year, I made Kurt swing from trees with me. Just kidding. It required no coaxing. He was all for it. I discovered Go Ape! a while back and had been wanting to see what a … Continue reading

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Random updates

Running and injuries My foot is doing much better. In fact, it was doing so much better that I stopped taking my medicine and ran three days in a row. Not surprisingly, on the third day, the pain was back. … Continue reading

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And the diagnosis is: Certifiable

Well, not exactly, but it feels that way. The weekend after the Frostbite 15K, the top of my foot started hurting. After a couple of painful runs, I started worrying that it might be a stress fracture, so I called … Continue reading

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The reset wrap-up

Today is the last day of my ten-day reset, which was an attempt to get back in the habit of eating healthfully. My rules for the reset were: 1. No sugar or sweeteners of any kind 2. No processed foods … Continue reading

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Running through the years

Writing my 2014 Running, Races and Events post made me very curious about how 2014 compared to other years in regard to running and racing. Luckily, I’ve been using the online log at Runner’s World since 2010, so it was … Continue reading

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It’s time for a reset

I’ve been eating a lot of junk lately. Pizza, chips, frozen meals, muffins, not to mention all of the holiday treats and desserts. I’ve also been feeling pretty crappy. My eyes are puffy when I wake up every morning. My … Continue reading

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