30 Day Minimalist Challenge (Days 4 & 5)

4. Remove the items you’re storing in your guest room.

I don’t have a guest room and although I had very good intentions of coming up with a reasonable substitute, it never happened.

I added some Christmas decorations to the donations box. I’ve always loved the moose by the campfire and am sad to see it go, but I don’t have anywhere in my apartment to put it. And that’s what this is all about, right?


5. Donate one bag of clothing to those in need.

Goodbye “skinny” jeans.


Kurt’s old radio/CD player went into the donation box. I asked him first. He said he didn’t want it.

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Seen on the run (December 4, 2016)

It’s finally feeling like winter.

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Day 3 (30 day minimalist challenge)

3. Recycle one item beyond repair.


I have three laundry baskets and two look like this. The other one that’s broken is the only one I have that’s large enough to actually hold a full load of laundry. I couldn’t get rid of it without buying a replacement. I don’t think I’ll miss this one, though.

It’s #5 plastic, so I was able to just toss it in the recycle bin.

I also added a backpack to my donation box.



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Seen on the run (December 3, 2016)


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Day 2 (30 day minimalist challenge)

2. Eliminate the need for a “junk drawer” by tossing the junk.

I failed at this one.

My (still existing) junk drawer:


In my defense, most of this stuff (trash stickers, batteries, scissors, tape, lighters) I use regularly. The sewing kit is a stretch, but I do sew the rare button back on every couple of years or so.

I did get rid of some junk, including keys that I no longer recognize and an extra pair of scissors and tape measure. I had originally added an expired thing of pepper spray to the trash pile, but then realized I probably shouldn’t just toss that in the trash, so it’s back in the drawer. I think it’s the only piece of true junk in there though, so I’m okay with it.


I added more books to the donation box.


That counts, right?

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Day 1 (30 day minimalist challenge)

  1.  Place one item a day into a donate box for the next 30 days (the length of this challenge).


The books in the bottom left corner went into my donation box. I also got rid of all my old running logs and planners and recycled the postcards from my 2005 hiking/cycling/road trip.


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It’s time to simplify


I’ve never been very interested in stuff. Consumerism drives me nuts. Still, I seem to accumulate a lot of junk. Probably because I’m frugal and the thought of needing something in the future that I had, but got rid of, horrifies me. I’d have to buy it again! For sentimental reasons, I also hold onto old letters, school papers and gifts that I don’t use. But I think I’m finally ready to part with my junk.


We’ll see.

To ease in slowly, I’ve decided to take the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge.

I’m starting tomorrow. Want to join me?

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